“Dr. Lester is truly one of the best doctors I have come into contact with during my breast cancer journey.  My wonderful oncologist, Dr. Jennifer Morgan, referred me to her in 2013 when I was first diagnosed. I live in Carmel and at the time all of my doctors were located in Carmel and Dr. Lester was downtown at Methodist.  I decided not to use her services as my plastic surgeon.  HUGE MISTAKE!  Fate brought us together in the summer of 2016.  I was in need of some repair surgery to my abdomen due to prior surgeries.  Once again, Dr. Morgan referred me to Dr. Lester in May 2016.  One month later I met Dr. Lester and it was then determined that I would make the trek down to Methodist to have this skilled surgeon review my case.  Thank God for fate. Dr. Lester not only repaired my abdominal issues but she was able to identify DURING surgery that my implants had shifted and made the decision to repair and replace my implants.  Dr. Lester took a train wreck of a body and made it look presentable.  She stayed in contact with me to make sure I was healing properly.  I developed an infection on my implant incision sites and she was on top of the situation more than I was.  She followed up with me each morning to be sure  I was healing and when I wasn’t she got me in immediately for an ultrasound and then an impatient stay for 4 days to be sure I didn’t have to lose my implants and be flat chested for life.  Besides my oncologist, I had never been taken care of personally by a doctor.  Dr. Lester’s bedside manner is delightful and she treats EVERYONE as a friend and equal. The nurse’s love working with her and subsequently my doctors that I have seen post-surgery are impressed with my results and her ‘work’!  Dr. Lester is a gem and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.  Her staff is sincere, her nurses caring and you know this is because she treats them that way.  There is no ego with Dr. Lester and that allows her brilliance to shine through on to her patients!  Thank you Dr. Lester, I am forever grateful for your amazing care.”
– M. C.

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know what a wonderful doctor Dr. Tholpady is. When my son had his accident, Nov. 2015, and was about to go into surgery, Dr. Tholpady left another hospital and came over to Riley just to consult with us. He took all the time we needed to answer any and all questions we had. His kindness and gentleness, in his responses, actually moved my wife to tears. If you could let him know how much we appreciate him, we would be grateful. Thank you.”
– H.H.