Drainless Top Surgery

We do all of our top surgeries drain free and patients may shower the following day.

Why are drains placed?

Drains are placed to get rid of fluid (serum) that your body produces whenever a space is made – in this case where the breast tissue has been removed from. If that fluid is left in there it will cause swelling that will take a long time to go away and may get infected.


Why do we try to avoid placing drains?

Patients hate drains!

Patients often complain they are the most uncomfortable
part of the process.

If drains are placed they must stay in until they stop draining which can be 2 weeks (or longer!).

If drains are left in for a long time they increase the risk of infection. For this reason many surgeons will keep patients on antibiotics while the drains are in. Antibiotics themselves can cause diarrhea, thrush and other problems.


How do we avoid placing drains?

If there is no space left behind there is no need to place a drain. To simplify we get rid of the space by using a technique of placing multiple internal stitches to “tack down” the tissue. It takes a little longer to do (15-25 mins.) but we believe it’s worth it.

With Drains                                                                                                

with drain

Without Drains

without drain